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With BookShield, we redefine what privacy could mean in the accounting of personal or organizational books.

Seamless Auditing Simplified 

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Confidential Audit Platform 

Thanks to the seamless integration of our signature tech, your accountant can work on your books without accessing your real numbers

AI-enabled Privacy Protocols 

We leverage Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), AI and decentralized databases to fragment information while maintaining integrity and transparency.

Rule-based Integrity Assurance  

BookShield’s innovative approach allows AI to dissect accounting books, extract data for audit purposes and preserve confidentiality.  

What it features

Descentralization + AI = Privacy + Efficiency

Here's a short overview of the amazing possibilities you will unlock with BookShield

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Decentralized Database Management 

BookShield relies on the management of decentralized databases to split information into distinct pieces while maintaining the necessary rules and compliance.  

AI Powered Data Extraction 

BookShield employs signature AI tech to conduct automated extraction of relevant financial data for audits, maximizing efficiency and eliminating error margins.  

DLT and AI Integration 

Leveraging Distributed Ledger Technologies and our tailor-made AI tools, BookShield ensures the secure and effective fragmentation of sensitive financial info. 

Confidential Audit Solutions 

We pioneer solutions focused on simplifying audits while maintaining strict compliance and the highest level of financial security.  


Streamline your auditing process

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